Ads now, travel later.

We will help you to contact with clients of visa application centers, who are going to travel abroad soon, but still have some time to get ready for a trip - purchase necessary goods and book services. Please, check what can be done in China, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

World experience.

Founded in 2014 in Moscow, nowadays VISA MEDIA LLC has operations in Russia, China, Belarus, Ukraine and EU. The team is always ready for your global targets, regardless of destination country.

Proud to serve global majors:

We know how to meet the requirements of world known companies on each market of our presence and maintain transboundary advertising campaigns.

OOH, BTL & digital.

VISA MEDIA LLC is pleased to offer various types of ads, including indoor branding, promotional activities, digital and non standard solutions inside visa application centers all across the globe.

Born to deal with media buyers:

Irrespectively of the country, our staff is always speaking one language with both local and international agencies, media buyers and advertising networks.

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